"...his goal as a DJ is always the same: to change the emotion in the room and infuse the audience with energy..."

At the nexus of New York City nightlife is Brooklyn-born DJ, Deemehlow. With numerous years of experience behind the turntables, Deemehlow has provided the soundtrack for some of the hottest parties in NYC and around the world, spinning for the most iconic brands in fashion, music, nightlife, and beyond.

Brands such as Beats By Dre, Adidas, Opening Ceremony, Sotheby’s, Fader Magazine, Modelo and many others flock to Deemehlow when it’s time to get a crowd together...that is, when Deemehlow’s not already booked touring the country with Hpnotiq, headlining shows of his own, or popping in on, say, Sway at XM Sirius.

Don’t let his laid-back daytime demeanor fool you- Deemehlow has a gift that few possess: he can get a massive crowd on its feet, dancing. Deemehlow is a jolt of energy behind the turntables, creating playlists that guide partygoers through their night seamlessly, dropping the right track at exactly the right time to keep the party going.

Deemehlow has always stood out from the crowd— and he prefers it that way. Since childhood he has had a near-obsessive knack for DJing, sitting by his stereo for hours on end to record and create the perfect mix of songs from the radio. And while Deemehlow has come a long way from his first DJ gig- at a hole-in-the-wall lounge in Queens- he still has the same perfectionist attitude and tireless work ethic.

Deemehlow grew up listening to and loving a wide variety of music- and today, his style is hard to pin down. But he operates under one overarching rule: He’ll only play it if it’s genuinely good. “I never just play something because it’s popular- I’ll only play it if I like it.”

And how did he land on his unconventional stage name? It’s a nickname his childhood friends gave him. Growing up as the only non-Dominican hanging around a mostly Dominican crowd, his friends would call him dímelo, which means talk to me in Spanish. As a joke, they spelled it phonetically. Once he started spinning, the he stuck with it as his DJ name, solidifying his stand-out-from-the-crowd status.

Deemehlow may be the textbook definition of chill, easygoing, and soft-spoken in his daily life— but he’s a dynamo in the DJ booth. Deemehlow knows just what the crowd needs to hear to keep the party at a fever pitch. Music, as Deemehlow knows, can be transformative force, and his goal as a DJ is always the same: to change the emotion in the room and infuse the audience with energy. Deemehlow’s unique taste and style can be tough to pin down- but the result is always seamless.